I have been chasing my doctor all day for my MRI results ( Head and Full Spine) I finally get through to his Secretary and she tell me

“Yes we have your results. It’s nothing sinister I know that, but you need to come and see the doctor for a follow up”

I respond what do you mean “sinister” “oh well there’s no nasty diseases or anything like that, but you will need to see the doctor who can explain the results in full”

I really don’t know what to make of these comments. For anyone who wants to know my cost so far have been.

£325-initial consultation

£680 - EMG test - negative

£195 -follow up

£1300 Brain and Full spine MRI

£195 - follow up -pending

Travel expenses £50

Symptoms to date

Burning skin

on and off vibrations in both feet

Chest pains and stomach pains - burning in torso

Irregular bowel , and bladder movements . I lost the urge completely for a couple days

Muscle twitching

burning finger tips at times

Slight vision problems if I move my head to fast I see dark floating lines.

It got me thinking when you said you got the Neurologist secretary, I might be wrong but I don’t think she should have said anything to you. I know that if I want to know my test results from my GP the secretary always say you need to talk to the doctor about it, also if there was something wrong with the results they would phone up and say that they have an appointment with the doctor today/tomorrow. Your body is a funny thing and does all manner of things I hope things go well. Kay

Kay thanks and I agree, “nothing sinister is a strong comment “ I could only imagine the mri report was suggestive of this or she has spoken to the doctor . Either way I have an appointment booked for Friday morning. Fingers are crossed.

Hello (again)

Yes, Kay is correct that the secretary probably should have just said you need to hear the results directly from the neurologist. However, if I’m correct, the only person who ever thought you had a possibly serious neurological problem, ie MS, is you. None of the doctors you’ve seen has ever said they thought you have MS.

Which is why you’ve ended up going private and then insisting on having these tests. Which as you say are incredibly expensive.

I suspect you might have ‘persuaded’ the neuros secretary to tell you that there was ‘nothing sinister’ about your MRI results. You have of course been incredibly worried about your seemingly neurological problems in spite of previous MRI scans and neurologists telling you it’s not MS.

Obviously you will see the neurologist for the final follow up. And will be assured that it’s not MS, or indeed anything else that can be seen on MRI. Just as they expected.

I know you’ve been convinced it’s MS all the way through, and there is probably some part of you that is unhappy that you’ve got the ‘all clear’ on the MS front, even while you know that not having MS is a good thing.

Why not see your GP, talk through all of the various symptoms you’ve had over the past years, including your very first tests. Discuss how deeply worried you’ve been. Ask whether in their opinion there could be something else causing all these symptoms. If so, is there any other specialist to whom you could be referred. Probably aim to stick with the NHS in the future, given how much money this has all cost you.

If your GP thinks there is nothing physical wrong, that in fact your deep worry has caused physical symptoms to become apparent, then maybe there is something else that could help. Namely some form of therapy, even CBT maybe? Please note that I am in no way suggesting that you don’t have these physical symptoms, but that sometimes physical effects can be caused by ones mind.

Please take this news, whenever you hear it officially, as good news. At least you do not have this bloody awful illness. Look after yourself, look forward to becoming a father and try to put your lucky escape from MS from your mind.


Sue, thanks for your kind words.

I do agree this isn’t the first time I have been down this road, but my symptoms are real so I get worried and need to seek answers, but possibly CBT is a something I need to consider. I

I do hope I get the all clear on Friday I really do, but I think if that were the case the secretary would of just said nothing was found at all , but rather she said “nothing sinister, and no nasty diseases” Anyhow I have had enough of doctor google and speculating. I am shutting my computer down until Friday night

Thanks again. I will let you all know.

Please do tell us after your appointment. Living with these symptoms is a very scary place to be.


MRI - Head and Full Spine Clear and no sign of any Abnormalities.

My journey is not over as I am still symptomatic I just hope these symptoms do not develop further. Thankfully its not a disease.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my posts.

I’m very happy for you and really hope you get the answer for your symptoms soon. Thank you for letting us know.