Had a brain and cervical MRI this morning should have results on Thurs evening when l see neurologist. Paid privately again as my NHS initial appointment still isnt through l was referred in February!! I will be seeing the neurologist who did initial neuro exam and said most unlikely to be ms! Has anybody had any white matter (small vessel) desease (usually age related) show up on MRI

Not nice being in limbo Kingsnorth, I’m still waiting for the results of my mri done on the 22nd of May , I’m not stressing over it in fact it won’t make much difference I’m already using a wheelchair and have been for more than 5 years , I still have some mobility in my own home so that is good. I’ve had several mri’ s but not got a definite answer yet. It’s funny as time goes on you get used to it , in the beginning it killed me not knowing and I’d feel such a fraud, but now I try not to stress I just think it is what it is and I just try to keep positive mentally and emotionally. I went for CBT a few years ago and it really helped. Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

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I saw my neuro today and no signs of ms on my brain or cervical spine. He said no signs in physical examination either. The mri did pick up a small nodule on my thyroid and radiologist suggests an ultrasound scan of my thyroid and will write to gp suggesting they arrange it. No wonder my voice has started to sound a bit hoarse lately.

Hi Kingsnorth,

That’s great news to hear that there is no sign of MS in your results you must be very releavied :slight_smile:

Hopefully you can get the Thyroid ultrasound scan sorted out soon.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Kingsnorth

So that’s the second MRI with negative results for MS. Hopefully now you’ll be able to stop being anxious about MS.

I’m sorry to hear your worry isn’t completely over with the nodule on your thyroid. Hopefully it won’t be anything serious.

Best of luck.


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2 mri’s but only one on brain and c spine the first one was lumbar spine which l dont think is done for ms it was to see if any degeneration or bulging discs which there was but not touching any nerves.