MRI with metal bits in body ?

Just got my appointment for MRI and as expected included in the instructions is the thing about pacemakers etc contradicting as well as present or past metal fragments in the eye.

Where there seems to be a “grey” area in the instructions are other metal bits I hav screws in my jaw from a past op. It will be monday before I can phone to confirm attendance at MRI and ask the question about my screws… so wondered if anyone here has had a scan with metal bits in them from orthopaedic or facial operations ?

thanks in advance

I should think screws in bones would be OK; pacemakers are life-savers and the enormous magnets of the MRI might stop them working.

Karen our MRI guru also told me they even prevent people with pacemakers going in the same building an MRI is in. The worst you could end up with is a loose screw so think you will be OK.

Good luck


thanks George

I knew about pacemakers etc but they had on the form to tell them about screws. Managed to speak to the dept this morning and they said as long as its more than 6 weeks since they were inserted I will be OK… maybe something to do with letting bones heal round the screws before applying magnetism. !