MRI Urgent but no results

Hi all, hoping someone can help 3/4 years ago I went to the Doctor about shaking /tremors and dropping stuff without any control he referred me to plastic surgeons I was seen and within the last year I’ve been to neurologist, he assessed me and sent me for an Urgent MRI i had the MRI on 20th May which was so quick i have seen on my NHS app that the Brain and spinal results are their but it says report not available until 22nd June ( is this from the Radiologist ) I also was booked in for August for a follow up with my Neurologist but that’s 3 months away …

I called last week to make sure this was correct as the appointment was booked before my MRI I was told my results were in but not sure if my consultant had seen them but upon looking the person told me my Consultant will want to see me before which caused me more anxiety.

I have now been told the consultant would read result and send out a results letter , how long does this take? should I be worried? has anyone been informed they show signs of MS through results letter

Hiya :slight_smile:
My results showed on my nhs app before the doctor called me to tell me about the results - they recommended a neuro referral which I have been waiting for since early Jan - I’m seeing one privately tomorrow - my results show lesions and state that these could be from headaches or demyelination- hopefully I will know more tomorrow - it’s such a worrying time isn’t it x