MRI today

Hi all

Had MRI today at Cannock. As I had done my research and listed to advice on this site I asked some questions when I got there. I asked the radiologist what exactly had the neuro requested on the sheet - they didn’t know because they couldn’t read his writing. So I asked if they could do the MRI with MS protocol and 3mm slices - they said they look for MS anyway, whatever that means. I then asked what is the Teslar rating of the machine, at which point they asked me if I was a radiologist. It was only a one teslar so even though I don’t hold out much hope of a diagnosis after this my hope faded even more. She tried to reassure me that it was a great machine that produced really clear pictures.

Anyway when all was done I asked for a copy of the report. Apparently I can have one for £50 - this is all on the NHS. Has anyone else asked for a copy of their MRI report and been charged? Seems extortinate to me!


Hi Dianne

That does sound rather extortianate particulalrly as nowadays most scan results are on a network and can easily be saved or transferred to a USB stick. Maybe wait till you see your neuro and ask him whether you can have a copy and see what he says. You might find you get a different response.



That’s outrageous! They are supposed to only cover their costs, not make a whopping big profit.

A 1T scanner? I didn’t know they were used in the NHS! Well, I guess all you can do is wait and see. If the images are rubbish, then you sure have a good comeback for the neuro!

Karen x

PS My hospital charges £18.50.

I don’t know about the £50 but wanted to say ‘well done you’ on being so assertive with the radiologist. I think it’s halarious they thought you might be a radiologist, I bet you nearly fell off the bed laughing!!! I am gonna try your tactics if I ever have a MRI again.