MRI scan

I’ve had PPMS for 10 years now and my neuro finally decided I should see an MS specialist. Also,it would be better to have another MRI scan before visiting that specialist. So off to radiology I went. I’m a little claustrophobic these days so took a prescribed diazepam? pill before, on my GPs advice. After a struggle to put a cannular? in a vein, imagine my horror to find that they then wanted to fit this mask thingy over my face before putting me in the scanner, and I was expected to hold still for about thirty minutes! As they tried to fit this device the angle of my head made holding still almost impossible, and the flabby skin bits at the back of my throat made breathing difficult. Needless to say I asked them to refer me back to the consultant. There must surely be a better way??

I’m so sorry that didn’t work out for you sb. I hope they can think of some way they can do it.

Although saying that, I haven’t had an MRI for a few years. I think once you’ve got a diagnosis there’s really no point. It’s not really going to tell them anything except that you still have PPMS!

Must have been very stressful and hope you are feeling better now.

Pat xx

SB I can relate to your experience. I’m extremely claustrophobic too and dread every MRI scan. My gp also gives me diazepam but I don’t just take it before the scan, I was told to start taking it midday the day before. Fortunately she knows just how bad it is for me and I take 2mg at noon, at bed time and again before the scan.

Diazepam stays in your system for about 2 days and can sometimes take a while to kick in so this means I can’t drive for a few days after my scan but as long as I close my eyes the moment I lie down and imagine myself in a quiet place I can have my scans.

I appreciate that it won’t work for everyone but it might be a help. Just don’t beat yourself up, you’re not the only person terrified of those machines. Take care.

Cath x

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My sister had to have an mri scan which terrified her. She went to a different hospital to which had an open scanner which she found ok. I have read somewhere that open scanners are not as powerful as the closed ones but it still did the job for my sister.

I had a brain mri with the cage around my head and just about managed,if i had needed contrast im not sure i would have managed at all.

Iv seen a number of people walk away from scanners due to their fears so i feel you have done so well in getting it done.

Maybe someone will come along with alternative scanners as there are some people who can not use an mri.

Take care Christine

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Thanks for all your comments. I did take a sedative prescribed by my GP but I think he meant me to take it 2 hours before the scan, not 20 minutes,unless I misunderstood him! I’m seeing an MS consultant for the first time since diagnosis in 2006 on 1st April this year - until now its just been a neurologist who confessed to be no expert in MS!

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I really feel for you, I am absolutely terrified of the MRI …I have done it with the diazepam but had to have my husband with me, which they don’t particularly like, I think they don’t want anyone in the room , but him knowing how terrified i was refused to leave my side. Last time I went they had to get my friend she held my hand and i tried to think nice thoughts (mindful thinking) it was very hard so I’m full of sympathy for anyone having an MRI scan.

Michelle x