Claustrophobic so can't have scan

Was diagnosed 13 years ago without a scan as my symptoms were clearly MS Recently the relapses have been more often and more severe so am going to see a neurologist but I am scared he won’t be able to help if I can’t have a scan

If you are badly claustrophobic they may be able to give you something to relax you for scan. I think I had diazepan. My son (he was only 2 and a half) was fully anaesthetised when he needed an MRI. I’m sure there are options so try not to worry. Hope all goes well. Ann

just have a honk on the old crack pipe before you go in, works a charm :stuck_out_tongue:


I can get claustraphobic, but I actually quite like having an mri scan. It’s really bright, and it always feels like there’s a gentle breeze flowing over my face, so it doesn’t feel enclosed at all. Anyway, I just close my eyes & have a bit of a snooze : )

However, chances are you won’t need one. Are you on any DMDs at the moment? I’m on Tysabri now & needed to have a scan in order to get it, but I was on Betaferon and Rebif before that and didn’t a scan in order to qualify. And as Ann says, even if you did need one there’s probably things they can give you to help you stay calm, as there’ll have been plenty of other people who feel like you who have had scans.

Hope it goes OK with the neuro & you get the help you need.


Hello there,I’ve never had an NHS MRI scan as I paid for two private ones 12 years ago when I was being diagnosed.The last time I spoke to the Neurotic I asked if there was any point in having a scan to see where the damage is, and if there were any specific drugs to help me with pain. His answer was that MRI scans are useful during diagnosis,but after that they serve no purpose.

I don’t know how true this is as it might be that Walton Neuro is so over-stretched that this has become their policy.It serves a large area of Northern England and North Wales.

It might be that they aren’t planning on having you scanned.

Good luck, Wb

Your answers have really helped me thanks! I have been really lucky until this last year or so and in total denial, most of my friends don’t even know but have had a couple of long relapses and a lot of pain. Time to give in and let someone help.

When i went for my mri there was another woman in the waiting room who was totally freaked out about going in the scanner. She was crying and in a terrible state.

They gave her some meds to calm her down and after i had had mine i saw her been taken in. She obviously had it done. She looked a bit sleepy though!!

Whatever they gave her - did the trick!