MRI scan results

I have recently seen my consultant after having MRI. Scan of brain and then spinal cord Well shocked at the results as he said there was no sign of MS in my brain but there was in my spinal cord, but he also said he would not put me back on a DMD, that there was no point as I. Was properly entering SPMS Well I. Yesterday saw my GP and she was surprised at this as she looked at my scan reports there was something in the brain and very active in the spinal cord, but she could not understand why we could not go back on a DMD as I had been on beta freon and the only reason I stopped taking that was my consultant was looking at changing to a. Alternative one So I am now left in a very confused state and don’t know what. To do now

Far better qualified people will come along later and be more helpful than me but I think if you’re not happy with the decision you should push for clarity and reason. This is such a huge decision which will potentially have huge impact on your wellbeing so you owe it to yourself to have the decision justified and agreed by everyone including yourself. Only when you’re satisfied should you accept this move. Deb

There are quite a lot of people with MS who only have lesions in their spinal cord, but that in itself does not mean that they have progressive MS so I’m confused by your neuro’s decision, especially if the scans showed a lot of activity in your spinal cord like your GP said.

Have you seen the radiologist’s report? If you can copy it here (or on a pm), I will interpret it for you. There is a chance that the neuro had the wrong report you know! (Just ask your GP for a copy if you don’t have one.)

I guess the key question is: are you still having relapses? If you are, then you should be on a DMD.

Karen x