Next phase secondary progressive

Hi everyone, Ive had RRMS for nearly 20 years and had to come off DMD for a holiday due to constant infections. Latest x 2 MRI is stable but symtoms progressing and everyday now. Im now not eligible for any DMD and neuro sais its about treating symptoms now and not MS itself. This bit is all new to me its like being diagnosed all over again. Does this mean I am SPMS or does it take a while to diagnose? I think neuro was reluctant to change while on DMD due to drug criteria. But now Im not? Whats people’s experiences with this, im struggling to understand it all. Thank yoh x

Hi @Molly95
I’ve had RRMS the past 24 years now and like you, past few MRIs haven’t changed.
I feel my mobility has worsened somewhat, last few years, so maybe this probably down to multiple sclerosis progession.
I’ve just been trying counter this by stepping up my physiotherapy exercises, although I do have to limit the amount due to my extreme fatigue.
Hope you’re MS team can give you more guidance.
Best regards,

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Thank you for your advice much appreciated.