right… i was diagnosed with ppms last nov. then my nuero says it could easily be spms!

they think i’ve had it approx 6-7yrs and i agree. i’ve just got on with it.

but now i’m thinking… the reason i went to the docs in the 1st place was because it had gotten soo bad so quickly!

i’m feeling much better now than i was then so was that just a really bad relapse??

like i say i was diagnosed in nov but i was reffered by my gp in sept, a relapse can last that long can’t it? especially with no medication.

will be trying to call my nuero in the morning!



Relapses can last for months. From what I’ve read on here, if you have PPMS or SPMS you never see a sustained improvement after deterioration, just day to day ups and downs. If you’ve experienced something different from this, you’ve got RRMS and may be helped by some of the disease modifying drugs. Worth fighting for.

Ben, I agree with Sewingchick.

It might be worth trying DMD’s just to see if they help.

Let us know what the neuro says,

Pat x