Taking a break from here.

Ive decided to have some time away until I am diagnosed with the correct type of MS. In less than a year Ive been diagnosed with RRMS and PPMS and now they`re not sure. I have another MRI scan on July !st.

I read all your posts but nothing is really relevant to me as I dont know what category Im in and therefore think along the lines of what am I doing here .

As I`ve said before I feel better now than I did when first diagnosed Feb 2016. My worst symptom is fatigue and my dizziness, balance and toilet urgency have all improved a lot.

Roll on July 1st.

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i have had a few months break from this site-several reasons.

please dont get hung up on labels-they make life easier for others, not us who live with ms every min of every day!

go/pop in/stay-do whatever is right for u!


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Hi Scudger

We’ll miss you and your lovely illustrations.

But sometimes you need some distance from all the confusion of what is and what isn’t applicable for or to you. As Ellie said, labels shouldn’t define us. But it’s one thing to say that and another to live it.

There are people who consider PPMS to be a different disease to RRMS/SPMS and others who think they are basically one and the same, i.e. that people diagnosed with PP have actually had silent RR for years. Who’s to say? And does it matter? I would say if you can definitely pin down relapses and remission, then yes it does matter because DMDs could help. But absent relapses and remission, then they won’t help. And the problem is that you can’t (officially) get DMDs with progressive MS. And if they’re not going to help then why suffer the side effects?


Come back to us when you’re feeling the need for company or when you get your answer.

Sue x

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Ill look in now and again to see what Im missing

My Iron supplements arrived today and Im quite certain Im feeling it working on one I had earlier or I`m just kidding myself. I also have some stronger Vitamin D3 (5000 iu) as recommended ordered.

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Ah, sorry to read that chuck.

I dont have RR, PP or even SP type MS.

But I still lurk (without intent) hereabouts.

But take your rest, re-evaluate, if you can and we`ll still be here when you get back.