RRMS or not?!


I was diagnosed nearly 12 years ago. I have deterioated from no stick, 1 stick, 1 crutch, 2 crutches and now wheelchair when out.

I have not had a relapse as such so I am still relapsing remitting? How does anyone know?

Just feeling a bit low regarding me deterioation as having a bad week.







id say u are primary progressive,u sound very similar to me,that is wot ive been labled with,label dont matter at end of day,we have MS :(

Hi Amy,

Nobody ever told me what type of MS I had. When I was dx in 95 they just wanted to get rid of you as quickly as possible. There were no DMDs in those days so it really didn’t matter.

I never had relapses but stayed more or less the same for 15 years. Now I refer to having SP because I am deteriorating rather quickly but who knows it might be PP that’s just speeding up. (Neuro is smiling but non committal)

I wanted it to be a relapse and then it would stop but after 2 years I think that’s a vain hope. As you say who knows? I would go as far as to say who cares? I just try to get on with it.

Hope your bad week passes and you can find a way to “get on with it” too.