Another MRI

Just feeling a little low. Saw neuro yesterday and now need another MRI. Small changes but he thinks the DMDs have stopped working. Only symptoms are non stop fatigue(still working though) and more worryingly I just keep forgetting stuff, words, names, what I’ve just done etc. feel better for writing it done but this MS stuff is starting to feel real.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Any changes to our condition can make us feel like this and i would think its a perfectly normal reaction to your neuro appointment.

From what you have written i am not sure if you are rrms or spms with relapses?

What brings the neuro to the conclusion that the dmd’s have stopped working? If you are still having relapses and can still walk a certain distance then you still meet the criteria for them.

Fatigue and forgetting stuff is normal ms symptoms so unless something else is going on i can’t understand why he thinks they have stopped working unless he now feels you are moving from rrms to spms. If this is the case then if you still meet the criteria then you should be able to stay on the dmd’s as long as you want to.

The non-stop fatigue can be helped with medication if you are not on it already.

I hope you have someone to talk to to help you through this difficult time but if not then keep in touch with people on here so you have some support.

Take care


Is the neurologist recommending a change of DMD or just to totally come off them?

I think he is suggesting a change.