No DMD now

Back in June my consultant had me stop taking my DMD Beta freon with in mind to review what my MS was doing as the thought it would be a better option to start Tysaberie well I had a cat scan of my brain and a few weeks later they wanted me to have a MRI Scan so they could tell if any thing was going on in the spinal cord, well yesterday was d day with the consultant well he is now saying they will not put me back on anything even though the said the spinal cord shows active ms but due to the fact that there has been no major relapse since may he says as there is slow deterashion it would be of no good to start ba ck on any DMD as he thinks I am properly on the edge of changing to secondary progressive MS and just said see you in a year, I don’t know we’re to go next is this it Hope someone can help at the moment I am just feeling so washed out

I’m a bit in the same boat. I was on Avonex and I was seeing my neurologist twice a year. I always hated the injections so was asking about what else was available.

Any, the neurologist said that after about five years on a dmd it was quite normal have a rest from it, and he would look at other teatments etc etc. That was three or four years ago and I am still winging it!

There have been no detrimental effects so far beyond similar to those I was typically getting when on Avonex.

I was also ‘discharged’ and advised to contact him if anything changed.

With ms, you also know that every day is different! I would be on the phone making appointments every day!

I think it’s fingers crossed. Sink or swim.