MRI results help with feedback

My neurologist office is closed. However I got my results and report on pocket health. My neurologist suspected MS however from what I’m reading he doesn’t see evidence of lesions based on the report. However I have various areas of my spine that show bulging discs and several spots that show cysts or growths. Wondering if this is unrelated to MS or could also imply MS. I’m new to this so the only thing I knew to look for was lesions. However 4/6 parts of the spine he reported on had these reports. (central disc bulge/ central disc bulge/ diffuse disc bulge/ thoracic disc bulge)

Symptoms include:
tremors/numbness/tingling/spasms/I have weakness in my right arm/vision issues.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any insight?

I think that when a spine (or anything else) is scanned, particularly when one is no longer in the first flush of youth, incidental findings like bulging discs and whatnot are very common. But that does not necessarily mean that they are either relevant or important.