MRI results back quick

I have just spoken to the neurologist receptionist who confirmed my results are back. I had the MRI 2 week ago the receptionist said she couldn’t tell me anything. I’m feeling the results have coke back quick should I see this as a positive sign?

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Hello Jennifer

To be honest I don’t think you can assume anything from the speed with which your scans came to the neurologist.

When you consider, MRI scans are immediately available the minute they are finished. Then the consultant radiologist looks at them and reports on them. Depending on workload, this could be faster or slower.

Then the scans and the report are sent (electronically) to the neurologist.

It really should be normal that scans arrive on the neurologists computer within 2 weeks (and for all I know it is normal).

The trouble then comes when the neurologist writes a letter, it’s dictated and sent to his/her secretary. This typically (in my experience) states ‘dictated on, (for eg) the 1st, typed on the 10th, sent unsigned to avoid delay’!! It then reaches me on the 18th.

So, depending on whether you are expecting results to come by letter, or an appointment with the neurologist, don’t count on a fast response (although you never know, my experience may be unusual!)


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Thank you.
I think I’m over thinking every little thing. I think it will unfortunately be the three month wait till the appointment. Thank you for your words.

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Overthinking and speculating are very normal in my experience. I found it overwhelming, so I thought let’s live “in the moment” and deal with stuff as and when it happens. Like most strategies this has flaws but if you can break the cycle of constant over thinking it will open up other options. Good luck


My last MRI was 7 years ago. There were a number of spinal lesions. The neurologist rang me to arrange my next appointment on my way back from the hospital and I met with him 2 days later.

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It could mean there was nothing unusual it could mean anything.

I loved @Ssssue answer. Only time i got it quick a letter was private as he had his own secretary.

If NHS secretary he will have to share one, and they have an in box higher then the eiffel tower, most of the letters that go out are dictated so they are audio typists which are a rare breed. then like sue, said you get a letter which will say, dicatated on, typed on, put in envelope on, and hold breath envelop and then posted lol. I had one honestly my results for my VEP right October 2015 not sure the exact date, this was just about a week after VEP right, I got the letter wait for it end of January 2016 a few weeks after my mum had died. so they knew i had MS but no one told me. I got the letter and a phone call at the same time from neuro who apologised to me as he said he thought he had asked for the results to be sent urgently… must have been a busy month october 2015 in the dictation pool of the NHS. dont forget one secretary will probably have several people she/he types for. eek.


I probably shouldn’t write this. In some ways, I envy your NHS, but at times like this our very-faulty system actually gets it right. The longest I’ve ever had to wait for an MRI was 7 working days, and I’ve always had the results within 2 days. Blood test results are frequently posted before I even get home from the appointment, and my doctor types his own notes into the computer as I sit with him. He does have a secretary who comes along a couple hours later and writes a summary of everything.

Our local medical system has a patient website where I can access all of my records instantly or contact any specific person in the neuro’s office by e-mail round the clock. They respond promptly during business hours by return e-mail or phone call, depending on the urgency. They also show all scheduled tests and upcoming appointments, and not only do they call to remind you but you can set up text messages as backup. it’s all a big help when my memory fails and I want to see what was done, what’s been scheduled, or what I discussed with the doctor.


Communications within the NHS can be hilariously antiquated, that’s for sure. But when it’s a real emergency they don’t mess about. I don’t think anyone has perfect system. France and Germany seem to get closer than most, but if I lived there I might take a different view!

i lived there believe me we have a better life in uk. IMHO. The rules in germany are scary lol.

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Well there you go! The grass is always greener, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

and we beat germany in the football finally woo hoo ha ha.

I remember when i got there it was the 70’s to be fair and i had my music on in my little room above a german ladies house she rented it to us until i could get our married quarters. about 3pm knock on the door big german copper with gun on holster told me to TURN it down as i was breaking some rule or they would ARREST me. i nearly pooped my pants lol. i was 21.

however i have been there since and have several friends who have lived there and spain and they all left and came home about 10years ago now as it was so expensive all the time.