MRI results after 3 years on Tysabri

Hi everyone,

I've been on Tysabri 3 years past in August I'm feeling loads better then before I statred Tysabri,

I got the results from my latest MRI it sounds good to me there alot of words I don't know what they mean but at the end there's a few lines that I can understand it says,


There has been interium improvement when compared with the later, MRI brain dated 17/6/08. Some of the high signal lesions within the pons, cerebellum and subcortical white matter are now less pronounced.

I think that sounds good.

It may or may not work for everyone but I feel its working for me.


That's great news, Mark.  



Brilliant news Mark happy2

Karen x


PS I can probably interpret the report if you want it done. 

That’s great news, really delighted for you and pleased, as I had my first infusion on Tysabri yesterday

I hope it all goes well for you Lucy,

I've herd so people say they don't really know if DMD's work I always felt Tysabri was working for me I could feel it was I was in a wheelchair before Tysabri and now I'm up walking about its nice to see its also showing improvements on an MRI.

Your probably tired after your infusion most people are and If I could give you one piece of advice just give it time results like I had don't happen over night it was about 7 months before I noticed the really big changes and being able to walk small things happened after my first infusion but I takes time.

I would have been happy for it to slow things down for me and ease the relapses I was having they happened every 4 or 5 weeks for me but I haven't had 1 since August 2008.

Mark x

Great news for you Mark

Linda x

Great news Mark,i think  tysabri is so good, i feel like asking for it for myself, because my ms is quite aggressive,but i think i am a bit too scared to ask.


I am pleased its working so well for you, because theres not a lot out there for us its good to hear that there is something when its aggressive.happy2


jaki  xx

Great new Mark :slight_smile: Were you in the latest Tysabri magazine? It was someone called Mark from Ireland and I thought it may be you…

You kept that quiet!!!

Karen x

Hi Eski,

Yes that was me and my friend Amanda on the front cover and a couple of pages inside about us :slight_smile:


Hi Karen,

I didn’t like to bregg :slight_smile: I thought it would of sounded like me saying my treatments better than yours lol

That day I called in with coming from the city after my infusion and we where talking about MRI’s and how you had yours on cd I had 7 MRI’s and never seen one of them.

I got on the ball the next day and I payed £10 and I got 7 cds with all the reports It took a few weeks but they where here when I got back from Turkey.

Mark x

Good stuff… We will need to compare…if I can find mine… It’s still AWOL!