No changes on my MRI, lots in me. Good or bad?

When I last had my Tysabri, I had a very sweet houseman asking me the usual questions (changes in symptoms, relapses, steroids since last time? etc). He told me he had looked at the MRI I had in July and there wasn’t much difference from my last MRI, done in 2011, But I’m in much worse shape than I was then. I’m using two sticks now and still struggling to walk (I was walking quite well on one stick then). I don’t have enough control over my right leg to drive a car, whereas that leg was fine two years ago. My bladder control is also quite a lot worse.

So is this a sign that my nerves are dying and this doesn’t show on the MRI? Or is there some other, nicer explanation? Ideas / experiences, anyone?

hi sewing chick,

mri.s confuse me. i had one showing cervical lesion and mild cord atrophy in 2011 and was mildly affect. it was just the same in 2012 but i was worse. in 2013 (june) I was much worse yet MRI lesion had resolved and cord had returned to normal size. 6 months later I went and had a private MRI as I felt worse again and the lesion is back. I have contacted the hospital to have my June scan relooked at as I want to know if they made a mistake in that scan - or do I have a condition that comes and goes on MRI.

I am on this B12 band wagon at the moment as I suddenly realised that I had not bothered to get my B12 jabs over the summer. I have had them recently and the new symptom has gone.

Moyna xxx