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Hi all again, its been a while since my last post but iv just managed to get copys of my mri results from my gp.Well im going to write everything thats on the letters as i dont understand much about it. Here it goes. this mri was done on the 20/12/12. report- In the spinal cord at the lower level from the lower border of C2 vertebral body to the upper border of C4 vertebra and from the level of lower border of C7 vertebra to the T5 vertebra there are longitudinal areas of high signal on T2 weighted and flair images located mainly centrally consistent most probably with demyelination of uncertain cause. The spinal cord thickness and outline are normal.spinal canal shows no signs of stenosis. CONCLUSION - longitudinal areas of abnormal signal in the spinal cord at the cervical and upper thoracic levels are suggestive of demyelination of uncertain cause - for further investigation. Second report mri done on the 05/04/13 findings: the scan of the internal auditory meati from the 18/06/12 showed a solitary bright spot in the white matter medial to the right insula. this is again seen and seems unchanged. lower down there are perivascular spaces but there is no clear evidence of any other lesion. Tonsils are low, however, the cisterna magna is small and the medulla is slightly skewed possibly by a little left sided tonsillar herniation. probably because of this there are rather ambiguous appearances of the pontomedullary region on T2 weighted imaging.these are not seen on the flair sagittal views and are unlikely to be significant. Conclusion: there is a solitary UBO unchanged. Minor foramen magnum abnormalities. So as you can see im still in the dark about what it is thats causing the symptoms im getting but i must admit iv felt ok since march but yesterday i had that tight uncomfortable feeling around my ribs and today my right arm feels weak and burns and tingling in my hand and fingers, also extremely tired and this hot weather seems to make things worse, anyway i hope someone would be able to explain this to me a bit better.

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The best person to answer your very technical question is Karen (user name Rizzo). She is on holiday at the moment but I am sure that she will be back again soon. If you look at her sticky note at the top she gives a brief guide of MRIs and the brain etc. That may help you.

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hi monya, thankyou for replying, ive had a look at the sticky note but cant find anything about whats said on my report. I had a look online regarding a tonsillar herniation and found this to be quite worrying regarding respitary probs it can cause, im currently on 2 inhalers due to shortness of breath, doc said asthma but iv never had problems with asthma in the past, im going to speak to my gp about this as my neurologist never explained anything regarding results to me. thanks tracy