MRI report - lesion not looking like demyelination - ? MS

Hi - is it possible for a lesion that has been reported on MRI as not looking like demyelination still result in a diagnosis of MS? I have a “7mm T2-weighted high signal region in the low left frontal lobe…”


Hi Emms x

I’m no expert, but from my own experience, and from things I’ve read - a single lesion, even if typical of demyelination - is usually not sufficient for an MS diagnosis. My understanding is that in order to diagnose MS, there must be evidence of multiple lesions, that can be proven to have occurred during multiple events. (Evidence is most usually gathered over a series of MRIs, taken over time).

So, I’m no expert, but my understanding is that a single lesion - even if typical of demyelination - isn’t sufficient for an MS diagnosis - because by definition, MS is multiple. And (again, I’m no expert ) , but my guess would be that if a lesion isn’t typical of demyelination, it might be even less likely to lead directly to a diagnosis of a demyelinating disease such as MS.

I’m not saying it isn’t MS (don’t think anyone here could guess one way or the other) - but I wonder whether, If the lesion isn’t typical of demyelination, your neuro might perhaps be inclined to explore other explanations.

I really hope you get some answers soon. Being in limbo is not a nice place to be xxxx