MRI question..

hey all…I know Karen is on her hols…but havea few questions after seeing neuro for first time last week…
I took my c spine MRI from 2010 -done without contrast and they were looking at discs , would that MRI have picked up I lesions if there were any in the spinal cord? MRI showed loss of cervical lordosis and c4/c5 disc protusion. c5/c6 no significant disc lesion .all other discs no signs of disc lesion. no nerve root involvement but radiologyst commented on how all my symptoms at time were explained!! lol

I don’t have the MRI scan from 1994 it’s been destroyed…the report now too…but did get a copy in 2010 this said I had a partial lesion on spinal cord can’t recall where, an extra vertebra and spina bifida occulta( birth deformity> and also smorls nodes on lumber spine from rta. Physios have lost report lol I was never informed of the partial lesion or smorls nodes just the spina bifida acculta…!!

also gave him brain MRI (feb 2012)also done without contrast, done about 10 days after onset of ON …small spot of inflamation on left optic nerve and some age related changes in brain.

neuro wats to review these and decide if I need any more MRI. not had a thorasic MRI or lumber since 1994 6 mths post rta. can he be confident on my hx and examination alone that I don’t have ms or some other problem? he seemd reluctant to put me through any more uncomfortable procedures and I agree but if they would be helpful regarding a review then I’d go for it. bear in mind I have not been reassesed for about 19 yr neuro wise… never had a LP doe and not ure if he will request this…had evoked potentials in 1994 which were not normal on left leg


would appreciate any feed back from this…thanks…em x

Hello lovely x yes - it's at times like this we need the lovely Karen eh!!

As you know I had an RTA 16 yrs ago and I'm asking similar questions!

I had a rubbish Thoracic MRI last year - the machine was in a porta cabin in the carpark as it was on the blink & a new one was being installed - so I totally don't trust it!!

My recent brain scan showed lesions in the frontal lobe and an enlarged pituitary gland.

Saw the neuro last month and he said he believes my symptoms are related to my brain stem and spine areas and he is sending me for MRI's done as he likes them done.

So - I thought great! Now I find out he's only doing the brain & cervical spine probably without contrast. But I'm miffed because he's not doing the thoracic!! I think my problem is here as I get really bad hug etc

Also - I haven't had an MRI on my lumber spine for 10 years! After having really bad spinal injuries in the RTA in this area (as well as a fractured C5) I would like it checked that things are ok here - as again a lot of my leg & bladder problems could be coming from the lumbar - I think I'm going to ask!!

Anywa - sorry not much help for you xxxxjenxxxxx

hey Hun…hope ore ok…yes smillar probs …I think if not suitable scan avail o compare with or as a baseline, then a new one should be done…and yes the whole s
ine. like ou I have lower back injury,severe whiplash to whole sp
ine, closed head injury and 3 yrs later retention
n of urine with spasms in urethra / bkadder and uti’s and kidney infections…
my injuries were sustained while laying on floor in back of a van, no seat and a coach ran into back of van. I was knocked out for 20 mins due o head injury. no sensation in bladder post rta ie couldn’t feel when it was full or needed to empty.
thanks. Hun…hope you get oe answers from your MRI maybe ak your neuro why he’s not doing thorasic spine too.
em x