MRI Question


Wonder if anyone can help? When I first developed symptoms in my legs my doc odered me a lower MRI scan.

Because my symptoms had got worse they decided for a full MRI.

I have had an appointment through for a spine lumber/sacral MRI is this the one for the lower back only?

If it is should I cancel it or should I have both?

Hi Reebe, yes I think the MRI is for spine only. What you really need is brain and spine MRI.

Who ordered the MRI? Whoever it was (GP or neuro?) I would suggest you contact them and ask why they haven’t ordered brain and spine.

I don’t quite understand when you say ‘should I have both’. Have they ordered 2 MRI scans for you?

I certainly wouldn’t cancel an MRI as there might be something showing that didn’t show on your previous MRI. But I think you should find out if you are also to have a brain MRI scan.

Pat x

Hi Reeb, your question got me puzzled, I have problems walking and spasticity in my lower back yet the neuro ordered brain and cervical for mine. I think it just depends on the physical examination and history maybe ? Frank

Hi Don’t cancel it, I had one which lead to another, if you cancel you will go in the loop again and you will have a longer wait :slight_smile: x