Mri question, difference between images

I don’t know if any of you will know from your own experiences (I know no one here is in a medical capacity), but I’ve attached two images from my MRI, as you’ll see one is very blurry and one very clear, I assume it’s a different “sequence” or whatever. I see what could be a lesion or two on the blurrier one but my question is whether images from this blurrier sequence are ever really used for diagnosis or mainly the T2 FLAIR ones? Is there any diagnostic value in images from this sequence?

Thanks for any experiences! (Yes I’m waiting for my follow up appt in Oct and trying to pre-guess :rofl::sunglasses:. Obviously I do know that the only real answer will come when I see the consultant).

Hi CC , have you checked through the first posts in this section - a brief beginners guide to the brain and MRI?

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I have yes :slightly_smiling_face:, I couldn’t see anything about this specifically although I’ve found it really useful in general.

I had an MRI done on a 3T machine. The image quality was excellent, really clear. I had a follow up MRI about a year later on a 1.5T machine and the images were very poor, very small, and only really useful for showing if there had been significant atrophy (loss of brain volume) in the one year interval. Mine looked like your second image. Lesions would have had to have been very big to have been seen! The lesions that were on my 3T images were not clear on the 1.5T. I was surpised how poor the quality of a 1.5T machine was, assumed they were all like that, but now wondering if maybe they were done at speed with a lower resolution to get through the patients quicker, to reduce waiting lists! Quite a difference between the first and second of yours.