Extent of MRI?

Hi, I was wondering if the first MRI is most often done of just brain, brain and cervical spine, or brain and whole of spine? (I’ve had unrelated MRI’s before but got brain and cervical spine next week). Wondering on the experience of others (diagnosed or waiting)?

My first MRI was on my brain and it showed 2 lesions. Now I have to have a neck MRI. Not had that appointment come through yet.

My first mri was brain and whole spine without contrast and my second was brain and c spine with contrast according the ms protocol so there was a lot more images on the second mri as the gap between slices was smaller. The second mri showed 2 lesions but still in limbo as waiting for follow up appointment

I have had four MRI’s. Firstly brain, then lumbar, next cervical then thoracic spine. Phew lol.

Marjie xx

Yes but the contrast only helps in showing active lesions as far as I know. I think the gap between the slices is more important because it has the potential to miss small lesions if the gap is to big and of course it might have been because there was no lesions when I had first mri

Thanks for the replies! I’m not sure if my posts are still being moderated (if this shows straight up then not!)…

Yes phew! Did they find something each time?

So some quite different experiences then!

I didn’t have contrast with my brain MRI so I will be interested to see if I have contrast with my neck MRI.

I’m wondering the same - if they’ll do mine with contrast? Hope you don’t have to wait too long.

I had my first MRI all over, Brain & Spinal Cord, I then had a 2nd MRI with contrast which showed no change after my neuro had a quick look before the official report. I then had to go back and have another due to the fact I was supposed to have a scan before the contrast and then after the contrast for comparison. whether I had lesions develop in the space of a week between those two scans or my neuro missed something, the 3rd MRI that was done for comparison showed new lesion and I was diagnosed.

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