little question....I promise about 1.5 tesla mri


daft question…probably , but…

  1. Is an MRI machine of a 3 tesla very much better than a 1.5 tesla MRI?

No witty answers like …“yes it’s double”

I had a brain MRI done on a 1.5 and the consultant has ordered brain and spine on a 3 tesla machine and said its loads better.

  1. Does this mean that lessions can go un-noticed a lot easier with the weaker one?

Cheeky…2 questions not 1

Mandymoo xx

Hi mandymoo, the power of a magnet depends on its tesla rating, the very latest mri scanners go up to 9 tesla, so you would get six times the detail you would get on 1.5 tesla, the 3 tesla machine gives twice the imaging definition of the 1.5 tesla. Hope it makes sense mandymoo. its bit like.the pixel rating on a digtal camera F.xx

Hahahahaha…so it litterally is double the strength?

Thanks F


Hi Mandymoo Are you ready for this. The Tesla is the unit of measure of the strength of a magnetic field. You are correct in stating it is twice the ‘strength’. A magnetic field of twice the ‘strength’ will produce more detailed images. As it is more ‘powerful’ personally I would advise against wearing ear ring or a chain even if gold or silver as they will become a temporary magent. They will not retain their magnetism like steel. Clear as mud Mike x

Maybe you point north when you come out ? F.xx

[quote=“fluffy54”] Maybe you point north when you come out ? F.xx [/quote] Only if you are floating in a mercury swimming pool. But it would depend where the north pole is head or feet. If you are suspended by your waist then your head or feet would spin to magnetic north. Mike

It takes me back to maxwell and his rule of thumb. See you later matey’s

So, when the neurologist says “you had a scan which was clear and they’re very sensitive machines so nothing will have been missed” I should believe him right?!!!

Despite the scan being only 4 weeks in from first symptoms and no contrast. Yes of course I believe him.

Well done Mandymoo having someone send you for a better scan.

Mike and Frank your banter always has me suitably amused! xx

Hi Deb You will get better definition with a higher resolution (tesla) scan, but they also use an injectable dye to give clarity. This is what they did to me last week. Mike x

Frank It would also depend on the direction of current flow if the north pole was at head or feet, and in a 3 tesla machine do they increase the number of coil turns, the voltage or the CSA of the conductor. Sorry Nikki being a boring git now, just seeing I haven’t forgot things as I used to teach this to apprentices. Mike

Hi Mandymoo Sorry, it’s what happens when you get two engineers, bet you sorr you asked…ha, ha :wink: Mike x

Deb I am glad it amuses you, it does us too, the banter is relief for us all from the daily sh**. If it amuses you and Ives ou a smile, who are we too stop. Mike x

Shall I spoil the fun and tell you how they work??? LOL!

(Actually, if anyone is interested, I’m happy to.)

Mandy: 3T is generally much better than 1.5T for the brain, but there is some argument about the spine and it depends on what scans are being done how much better it is (it’s not twice as good - sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less).

Put it this way… when I had an NHS 1.5T scan done a couple of years ago, I was horrified at how poor it was so I got a 3T scan done at Uni the following day. I compared them by adding up how many lesions each scan showed just in the cerebrum (so excluding the brain stem and cerebellum). The NHS scans (3 of them, the best of which had 5mm slices) showed 9 lesions in total. The Uni scans (2 of them, both 3mm slices) showed 25.

Incidentally, I only spotted some of the NHS lesions because I went back and looked again after seeing them on the Uni scans.

Part of this difference was due to the scanner strength (there is plenty of evidence that 3T scanners show up more lesions than 1.5T scanners), but the other difference was the slice thickness: the thinner the slices, the better because small lesions vanish on images acquired with large slices.


Karen x

Hi Karen Thanks, I knew about the magnetism and tesla bit, but never the medical side. Mike

Mornin Everybody, mm Wow Karen I’m impressed my forte is tv repair so I dont know much about scanners. what a team xx Frank.

Wooaaah Karen…thats an amazing difference!!

Thankyou everyone for sooooooooooo clearly clarifying my question LOL.

Mandymoo xx

I might know about MRI, but TV repair is infinitely more useful in the normal world!


Tv’s are easy now its all modular, not like the good old days when we had valve sets. Some of the very old ones you had to put a piece of coal in little tin box in the back every half hour to keep the tube warm. F.xx