MRI pictures and symptoms

So been having tons of symptoms now for 8 weeks. Its not really improving, not getting worse but still body pains, right side weakness, numb leg and fingers, severe RLS, twitches and constant spasticity on right arm and right leg.

I did an MRI and got my pictures back but no sign of doctor call or something… so did mistake and looked on the pics… I dont understand to much on them but ive seen some stuff, maybe someone here know better.

Ill post the pics.

So on the spinal cord i see one area where there is “lighter” like milky inside the spinal cord? (cervical)

In thoratical i see one place of white and almost looks like a scar or cut goes in in the spinal cord, hope it shows.

In the brain, ive seen some milky spots here and there and lots of white spots, but this big big white line across the brain, anyone know this?

Take care :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone who hasn’t done the hard yards of years of education and professional training in a medical specialism is going to be able to help you.

And even then, they’re not going to get involved unless you’re their patient and they know you and your history. I know it’s frustrating, but I think you’ll have to wait for your follow up consultation to make meaningful sense of it.

You are probably right for sure, dang it :joy: Just thought it would be worth to post, maybe someone goes “oh i have the same lesion” or something…


I agree that looking at MRI is probably futile. However, someone did try (see above).
The MRI features are not that closely associated with the severity of symptoms. There may be some benefit knowing whether they are spinal or brain.
Some neurologists are interested in the MRIs, others less so.
Difficult to do, but best to leave it to the experts.
Do you live in the U.K.? It is unusual to have images here (probably because it causes more anxiety than clarity)

Hey, thanks for your response. I live in Sweden, and yes it causes more stress than good haha, dont know why i got them? maybe mistake? I contacted my neurological team and they just said that they did not have any answers yet. I guess they keep looking at the pictures trying to connect the dots…