Anyone with white spots and inflammation on brain and spine MRI but being told no myelin deterioration?

I had a MRI scan 4 weeks ago. Still waiting to see a neurologist. 72 WK wait in my area!! Been waiting since September.
Without knowing the technical terms, AMU and GP have said the MRI shows multiple white spots in Brain and spine but no characteristics of myelin deterioration. But told to go home and Google MS!?
My other symptoms are -
Neck pain with burning pain. My right shoulder take the brunt of this pain.
Right eye sight blurred, washed out.
Right eye spasms and twitching constantly can come with pain on movement.
Foggy head, general feeling unwell and off.
Grip in both hands but more obviously in right. (Whether that’s due to it being my dominant hand)
Drop stuff all the time.
Heavy leg.
Limb numbness
Face numbness
Gastro issues
Tight banding around my ribs
Buzzing in my neck
Tiredness (mother to three, who isn’t)
I have a great aunt with MS.
I’m 33F.
I’m just sick of being in limbo and being told to wait.
Anyone else had this MRI results? What was the next steps? Did you go onto be diagnosed with MS?