MRI of cervical spine & Brain Stem

HI All,

I am due to have a cervical MRI in 2 weeks time. I've had my Brain MRI'd a couple of times before but only one lession has shown up. ( deep white matter frontal/ pareital Lobe).

Alot of my symptoms seem to be connected to the brain stem. Blespharospasm, dystonia in my foot possibly the same happening in my hand and urge incontinence.

So my question is will this MRI show the Brain Stem area, or would the best view have been on the brain MRI.

Karen I know you will be able to help with this one. Thanks


The brain stem is actually higher up than the top of the cervical spine so it's very unlikely, sorry. (It might show up some of it though.)

The brain stem doesn't always show up very well on brain scans either though. It's best to have a specific scan for it - with thinner slices specifically covering that area. 

If nothing shows up this time, you could try mentioning the possibility of a better scan of the brain stem to the neuro? (I actually thought that dystonia and blepharospasm were more associated with the basal ganglia though? Could be wrong!!!)

Karen x

Thanks Karen, you are, of course, absolutley right.

I'm not sure where I got Brain Stem from. I Guess they both start with the letter "B" what an idiot I feel.

Well there's no chance of Basal Faulty showing up on a C spine MRI.

They are doing it because of the urge incontinence as I have not had the C spine done since 2009. The other thing that may show, is when I yawn I get a hugh wave of pins & needles down my back legs & arms. My GP checked it wasn't my thyriod.

I have done a bit of digging on the WWW and it would appear that this could be Lhermitte's sign (my Gp also confirmed that it may be the case). So just maybe we will get an answer, but to be truthfully I 99% sure it will be clear, and we will be no further along.

Thanks again

Drrrr Twisr