Spinal MRI and it's benefit..

I have a handful of lesions on the brain, unchanged on last scan… neuro saying no point doing a spine MRI as i have facial neuralgia…and that would show on brain scan…going private anyway so it can be done but I just want to know has any one ever had this then been dignosed because of the spine scan? I’ve read alot and some people say sometimes you may not even have a brain lesion and yet lots are on the spine… like I say reguardless on Sept 2nd I’m seeing a private neuro but just wanted to know if anyone else was diagnosed in this way. Thank you for your time.

Brain + cervical spine seemed to be the usual MRI thing in my limbo-land days, but that was nearly 20 years ago. But I do dimly recall someone knowledgeable saying this: spots of damage on the brain can be clinically silent because there are plenty of places to have lesions without corresponding symptoms, whereas damage on the spinal cord is much more likely to cause obvious trouble because there is just too much vital wiring crammed into a small space for silent lesions to be likely. Maybe your guy reckons that, if you had C-spine lesions, you (and he/she) would know all about them already because your symptoms would tell their own story? But I am totally guessing- I have exactly zero expert knowledge.

Should have added as an illustration: my neurologist knew what my C-spine MRI would show before I even had the scan. I remember he drew me a diagram of the C -spine to show exactly where the trouble must be, based on my symptoms. The MRI was more to confirm what he knew already than to tell him anything new.


Thank you alison for your message. I will make sure it is done even just to rule things out.

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