MRI moved forward

Got my MRI date today and i was told it wouldn’t be until after my neuro in July, they’ve decided to move it right forward to next week as an emergency appointment and i don’t know why, this means i wont see my neuro until a month after my MRI scan :s and my neuros in a completely diff hospital to my local, I’m so confused why would they bring it that far forward without telling me what theyre looking for , or why they’ve decided its an emergency

Hello Char I don’t know the ins and outs of your problems, perhaps they had a cancellation and you came up as the most in need. See it as a positive. Six weeks to see Neuro after scan is about average, so it’s better for you :slight_smile: They will bring Neuro appointment forward if it’s necessary. Try not to worry too much :slight_smile:

At least this way, your neuro should have the results of the MRI by the time you see him. Hopefully this will speed the diagnosis process up a little.

seems like a sensible option as it would waste an appointment with your neuro if you saw him before the test. It takes 2 weeks for the radiologist to write the report and then your neuro can see the results. I got mine 2 weeks after the test due to the results I got I suspect but 4 weeks seems fairly fast reading everyone elses. MS is not really an emergency issue in most cases so dont panic, its more likely they are trying to meet targets and make better use of appointments. If you are very worried, ring the secretary for clarification?