MRI fail

Hello all,

Today I had yet another MRI scan (I’ve had about 9 in total, so far anyway) and today I was asked half way through to stop moving :0

I have never had this problem and I normally fall asleep in the scanner, but not today! For some reason I had a huge desire to swallow, several times and i felt like I was going to choke if I didn’t. Clearly this meant that I moved more than I should have.

The radiologist said at the end, well, we did our best and you did your best, I just hope it’s good enough for your doctor! Which has made me very concerned that I might have wasted a lot of NHS money and need another one anyway.

Also, I had the usual contrast injection but today after the scan I’ve come home and been asleep for about 4 hours. I don’t suffer with fatigue, and I don’t think that’s what I’ve had today but do MRIs make anyone else sleepy?

Thanks for reading,

RL, :slight_smile:

I know one or two on here have said that they fall asleep when having a MRI I haven’t but I have only had two.


Hi roarylion

i hate mri scans and am amazed you fall asleep! How with all that noise!

i really wouldn’t have thought that swallowing would make you move that much. My legs have spammed before and they still had good enough pictures. Maybe your radiographer wasn’t the best. As for cost don’t worry about it. The nhs waste money on so much stuff and this would be seen as a patient need. There are lots of pts who waste the nhs money. Your failed mri due to your health condition is not one of them!! Please don’t worry about that

take care

I fall asleep in them too (hypnotic effect). Without a) sufficient drugs, and b) a wedge/cushion under my knees, I suspect I’d move too much as well. It sounds like the radiologist could have worded things a bit better. After all, you don’t intend to move!


Hi, I recently posted about falling asleep during my recent MRI and subsequent after affects too. I slept for around 30 minutes! I’ve felt sleepy before but never fallen asleep before and it felt like a deep sleep too. The rest of that day and the following day I struggled with complete tiredness. I do not suffer from fatigue usually either. So similar effect to you. Sharon

Hi Roarylion,

I’ve had two MRIs so far - the first one I couldn’t stop wanting to swallow (and was warned not to in case it messed up the neck imaging!) and tried to time my swallowing to coincide with lulls in the noise! I was very alert during the whole thing because I was worried about swallowing and because my arm kept twitching and I was desperate to keep it still. I felt a bit dizzy and spaced out afterwards but once my head stopped swimming I was fine.

In my second MRI I actually felt really relaxed for the first half and kept dozing in and out of consciousness thinking “this isn’t so bad after all!” Once they’d injected the dye I felt less settled and the noise of the machine started to become unbearable and I felt really sick and had a horrible headache - by the time the scan was over I felt way more spaced out than last time and really tearful, and had a long nap as soon as I got home. I was meant to be working from home that afternoon but I felt so tired that I couldn’t - I just had to rest and finally starting feeling more like myself about 8 hours after the scan finished.

I feel like your radiologist could have been more sympathetic about the situation! Don’t worry - if the results aren’t clear then that’s not your fault and you’ll just have a 10th MRI to look forward to instead! :slight_smile: