Mri Scan

Just spoke to my consultant secretary who informed me that scan i had a few weeks ago the results were in , her response was so flippant i am hoping this means it is all good and that my MS has improved as she reckons results will be passed on and  a letter will be sent if an appointment needed .

Been worrying every since i was asked to go for one

My orginal scans a few years ago showed lesions and I do suffer with my right side , bladder and fatique

Yeh, we`re all just a number to them, aren`t we?


I`ve been waiting for a call back from mine since March!!!! Anyone beat that?

luv Pollx

I had my forth MRI yesterday. The technician had to wake me up to inject the ink half way through.


Has anybody else ever managed to fall asleep during a scan?

Im with you Dan, Ive had about 4 Back/head MRI scans and have fallen asleep during the last two !


My God are you peeps deaf or something?

I always sleep through mine. I have trained myself to go in, lie down and instantly sleep. Great way to pass an hour! Mind you, I have been having on average 2-3 MRIs a year over the past couple of years so I have had plenty if practice!

I always get my results instantly. My neuro sends me downstairs for the scan and when I comne back up to the MS Clinic the results are available on her computer. Never had to wait.

Poor Polly, since MARCH??? I’d be ringing and hassling them…