Moving to UK

Hello Everybody,

I do have MS since 2009, so far I did ´arrange´ myself with it (as far as it is possible to say…). I am fully functional, everybody who knows me say there is no sign of a disease, but I feel it everyday. My neuro-doctor told me to see/feel/organize my life as I want - and to do what I want (before it´s ´too late´ or a kind of impossible…).

So I told him about my idea to go to GB for a while, that´s the reason for beeing in this forum: I am looking for a possibility to stay in UK for approx. a year (maybe longer? who knows?), so I got the idea to contact MS-people maybe someone is having an indea or can offer a possibility. As far as you see/read, my english is not bad and because of MS I don´t have to work anymore - now I can travel or stay longer somewhere. Now I am 41years old, no own family/obligation but good friends around me. Further I still have a drivers license, told to be an unproblematic person, my own money, won´t bother anybody…

Is there anybody who would like to have company? Can offer an exchange to Vienna-Area where I live…

Hello, I dont think it would be easy to find an opportunity via this forum. You will have to be more specific really. What do you want to do in GB if you don’t work? Where in GB would you like to stay? How would you support yourself? Good luck, i hope it works out for you.

Hi again, ok maybe I didn´t explain it very well - I am in `retirement´ already, as far as I worked for austrian Railway (OBB) they send me to retirement that´s the reason why I don´t have to work while getting monthly enough money for living. Beside this I do own my own old house, so far I dont need really much for ´standard´living.

Now just looking for somebody who has a room for rent in UK ( I dont want anything for free!!!) for longer term while I would be there & maybe travel around UK (didn´t made plan about this right now, need a place to stay first). It doesn´t depend on the location in UK, could be somewhere London-Area, Manchester or whereever. I have in mind to buy a car (right steering wheel :slight_smile: ) in UK anyway and go around a little bit. Maybe to visit my Cousin in Ireland, didn´t met him for approx. 12years… Just want to have a ´base´where to start & come back whenever it is possible…

HI RickVienna

If you Google “Gumtree”, it’s a website that has listings for lots of things including accommodation and room rentals. This might be the best place to start as lots of people here might not have a spare room, or indeed be looking to rent out room in their house.

I hope this helps


I don’t have anything available I’m afraid and my mum just filled up her spare room with a lodger - she used to find a lodger - might be a good looking place to look for somewhere to stay?


Google house swap,you will get a lot of options, a year may be hard to arrange it may be for weeks rather than months but worth a try.