Moving to Dubai

Hello, hope your all coping well in this heat.

I wanted to pick some brains if possible. I’m not moving to Dubai (yet) but my husband is a teacher and there are opportunities for him to get a job out there. It’s something we are talking about but the main consideration is the healthcare. His job would most likely include healthcare but would my MS be covered I wonder? If it was I would go in a heartbeat, but it’s got to work for my health condition.

If anyone has any experience of moving abroad and the impact it had on your MS treatment then please let me know.

Thank you

Lisa x

Hello LisaC, it appears that there are MS Society’s everywhere! :slight_smile: Have a look at this: Information is power. Good luck.

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I would be extremely concerned with moving to an area with such extreme heat. Heat is a major trigger for me ( and for many others) I reside in northern Kentucky and the heat index was 109 yesterday. Needless to say, I now in the hospital with an exacerbation. Good luck!

Thanks for the link, I have now registered and hope to connect with people who can possibly chip in with their advice. Thankfully up until now I’ve had no major problems in the heat. I understand Dubai is waaaaaay hotter than here but I guess you can only take the plunge and give it a go! X

Hi Lisa

Hope you are doing well

Yes Lisa don’t worry to move Dubai for health it’s exclant and for treatment of MS it’s free

Just let me know when you well be in Dubai I can help you