Moving from Wales to Kent

Good afternoon everyone, I hope we are all as well as can be.

I have recently split from my partner. At present I am still in the same house as him but fortunately not the same bed. I am stranded in Cardiff and am looking to get to Kent where all my family are. At the moment I use a manual wheelchair although an electric one should not be too far away. I have been in a wheelchair for nearly a year now, following a big relapse last year. My MS became a little too real for the partner and he is off with a girl who was introduced to me as his friend and it transpires that the “friendship” is more than that.

I have no money left in the bank, 8.5 years with the partner and his various issues have left me potless. I am interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience and advice on how to deal with all of this.

My family all live in properties I would find impossible - stairs. So I am having to rent a flat when I get back to Kent and my parents will financially assist where they can.

Does anyone have any advice they can offer me please, life is unbearable here and he wont move out because his son is just about to start his GCSEs. His son moved in with us 5 years ago the day after I had to admit to myself that work was no longer an option. I have never got on with the son who has a manner about him that he thinks he is better than most. I find it rude and insulting and have said so on many occasions but this has always been brushed aside by the partner.

If you have any experience of moving from one end of the country to the other with SPMS, I would love to hear from you. I hope it is fairly unique as it is not a nice situation but I know life with MS can break an awful lot of relationships and I would gratefully receive any advice.

Sarah x

hi sarah

have you seen a citizen’s advice counsellor?

they should be able to give you a broad overview of what you need to do.

i really don’t see why your ex gets all the partnership cash.

perhaps you should see a solicitor - ask CAB.

you need to know if you can apply for a flat before you make the move to kent.

good luck sarah

you’ll need to be strong darling

carole xxx