mouth lining shedding

Afternoon all.

Just wondering if anyone else suffers this.

For a few years, on and off, the lining of my mouth seems to shed a layer of skin! i keep pulling stringy bits of skin out. I dont peel them away, they are already free and i feel them gathering on my teeth and gums. Sounds yucky, doesnt it?

My dentist has seen it and says it is nothing to worry about. he also said he could refer me to a specialist if I`d like. I declined. See enough of them!

This current episode started when I used Pearl Drops. Dentist advised against using it…ever!


luv Pollx

Very strange. Not everything is MS - just learning this and trying not to be so cavalier from now on.

Hope this stops soon.




This does happen to me but it is down to products in certain toothpastes. The whitening ones are particularly bad - though it may be their way of whitening by removing stains. Interesting to note you were using pearl drops when it started.

All the best


Cheers to all who replied. thing is we don`t know for sure, if I have MS or not. Latest was not…but whatever it is, many of my symptoms are MS like.

Patricksmate…yeh, the dentist said there are lots of nasties in teeth whitners and said not to use `em.

So looks like the jury`s still out on this one then!

be interested to read any more replies.

Ta guys.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Could well be the teeth whiteners. A lot of the ones you buy at the supermarket have just been banned here in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) because they have such a high content of hydrogen peroxide that they are dangerous. I’d lay off the whiteners…

And WHY did I read this straight after eating my breakfast???



it’s funny you should post about this, I was only telling my partner earlier not to buy whitening toothpaste because it makes the skin come off in my mouth. I think it’s definatly the toothpaste especially the one which have bi-carb of soda in them, nothing to worry about just stick to regular colgate.

Hope this helps

Jenna x

Just a thought, do you eat hard or acid sweets, the reason I ask is because if I just eat one such sweet, I will have a mouthful of ulcers within hours.

This is not (MS) related in my case, as this has been there all of my life, but it take a while before it was tracked down to hard or acid sweats.

Good excuse to eat chocolate instead.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Hi again to all who replied.

it is about 6-8 weeks since I stopped using Pearl Drops. I use Asda sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash. Wonder if it could be them. But sensitive…whod think they could cause my problem? Maybe ill try a different type/brand.

luv Pollx

Hi, ta for your reply. So you cant really blame the whiteners if youve only just started using it, eh?

i`ve changed to Colgate sensitive…

luv Pollx