Motor Neurone Disease.

Lots of recent publicity for MND - are there nay similarities between it and m.s.?

Hi carowain.I read about the link between the two horrible diseases yesterday. I watched a couple of videos on you tube about living with motor neurons disease.

I thought that MND made MS seem less severe. As for a link, I reckon that our bodies are so complex you could probably find evidence both ways, however I have never heard of any linkage.



I have had MS for just over 10 years now, my husband was diagnosed with MND in July this year.

His main problem has been weight loss and trouble breathing, he has a mask to wear at night that helps him breathe properly when sleeping. He has gradually got weaker and cant walk far and his balance is not too good. He also has loss of dexterity and strength in his hands. However he doesn’t have and has been told he won’t get altered sensations - numbness, water trickling down legs, etc.

He is doing OK at the moment and putting a little weight back on with food supplements recommended by a dietician, and exercises given to him by a physiotherapist. Fatigue is also a big problem as the day goes on the tiredness really kicks in.

Hopefully he won’t get any worse for a while…

I agree - m.s. is the lesser (slightly) of two evils here.

I wondered if MND was cause by problems with the myelin sheath etc. - if it was easier to diagnose?? -

Hope your hubby is doing better. Give him and hug from me…one for you too chick xxx

When I was in hozzy last month, a lovely elderly lady of 88 was diagnosed with MND. Her speech was difficult to understand. We palled up and what with my poor hearing and her speech we were at a loss to understand each other. But oh she was a little sweetheart. Shed only started with the problem 4 months earlier. I didn't think MND could be dxd so late in life. xxxxxxx

Thanks Poll, all hugs gratefully received


My mum died of MND. I have ppms. Give me MS anytime.