More tears!

Today I was reading Ocrevus has been licenced for people with ppms in the UK. I was feeling very bouyed and saw it as a real glimmer of hope. I am newly diagnosed, as in 2 and a half years ago and my mobility is now reduced to shuffling with a walker indoors and needing a motorised chair outside. I really felt happy.

Then I continued to read the article and saw that, “weakening the immune system risks infection and of cancer emerging”. Well, consider I will shortly be starting a five week course of daily Radiotherapy having had breast cancer diagnosed five weeks ago, I think I can be assured that’s any chance of me being prescribed this as a prospective candidate. To my utter surprise, I found myself crying. Disappointed and angry. My ms triumphs yet again.

  • Oh, honey its a truly divided world I think at anytime we will and do clutch at only then be s$&@ on from a great height.praying for you here
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Life has truly thrown a great pile of steaming £#) at you Poppy. I’m sure I speak for many of us who know what a journey you’ve been on for the last couple of years in saying that I truly hope that the radiotherapy doesn’t it’s job and you are free of the sodding cancer. Sadly the same can’t be say of bloody MS. You are in my thoughts Sue x

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I know how you feel, Poppy.

However, if you are feeling angry then MS hasn’t triumphed. It only moved the goal posts.

With love,

Anthony x

Sorry, I meant I hope the radiotherapy does it’s job. S x

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I hope everything goes well with your upcoming treatment Poppy. Keep yourself as well as you can in the circumstances. You’ve got enough to contend with, 1 battle at a time. Thinking of you xx

That’s what I keep telling myself sue. There’s nothing I can do about my MS but there IS something that can be done about the cancer.

Thank you Anthony. They just seem to keep moving though!