recently diagnosed with breast cancer

hi to all my ms friends,

Just to inform you I was recently diagosed with breast cancer,I am a woman with ms and on my original diagnosis of ms it was the end of the world for me, I have dealt with that diagnosis and with the help of knowleagable people on this site decided to go down the ldn route,this had a big impact n my ms symptoms and I was so happy about my improvement, however, after a routine mammogramm i have been diagnosed with breast cancer, of course I am f****** off ith the diagnosis, my heads allover the place at the moment.I have an operation on 16th april with 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy but you know what,no hard your diagnosis seems,it really isn’t the end of the world,get a grip peoople and start looking for the positives because they really are out there!


Hi Sue I’m sorry to learn of your diagnosis but what a positive outlook you have, and your right there are so many positives in life that far outway the negatives. Good for you, and good luck with your treatment Sue x

Hi Sue, so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and no wonder your head is all over the place. I too had a routine mammogram in November and then received the dreaded letter that they had found something suspicious and I had to go back. I did not have a lump but I ended up having a biopsy for tisssue to be removed. I then had to wait another week for the results. That week was hell but thankfully for me I was given the all clear. As far as the ms is concerned I always try and stay as positive as I can and always think that there are people worse off than me as you have proved. When I got my diagnosis it was a week after the July bombing in London in 2005 and put it into perspective with people dying and limbs blown off. I wish you all the best for your treatment and big hugs. Anne x.

Hi sue,

My sentaments exactly,

Hope all goes well.

Lisa x

Thank you bambi, life sometimes feels the pits but then it suddenly chucks something at you thats unexpected, and you deal with it, amazing the human response, you get your head into gear and confront it, God, we have all had mountains to climb but when another massive one comes in your face and you know you have to climb it, dont look back and put on those mountaineering boots again and start climbing again, you know you can do it, for Gods sake we do it all the time dont we?


Hi Sue Your comment regarding the mountain boots and climbing gave me a little chuckle :smiley: I do that every day with concrete in them, but I don’t let it stop me if you don’t move it you loose it eh? Good for you on been so positive :slight_smile: I think I’m quite positive too and there’s one thing for sure I won’t let this monster beat me. You take care Sue xx

sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis Sue

Hi Sue Fantastic attitude !! Positivity wins the fight everytime. Best of everything to you. Sending big hugs. Xx

Aw, its just not chuffin` fair at all.

keep coming here and we`ll do our best to support you.

bless you.

luv Pollx

Sorry for your dx Sue. Good luck with your fight - well done on your wonderful positive attitude! Teresa xx

Hello Sue,

I am so sorry to read about your news. I have just been diagnosed with BC too! I had the lump removed and am now on chemo and will be having the second one on Monday. I then have to have radio and then Herceptin for some time. But stick with it Sue as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Best wishes,

Take care,


Sorry to hear of your dx Sue. Hope the treatment goes well for you.

Best wishes


Thankyou for all your good wishes people… I have come to terms with the diagnosis now and looking forward to getting the treatment over and done with.Treatment has come a long way for cancer and I feel ready to kick it in the b…s now.

All I would like say is if you ever have any pain or symptoms don’t always put it down to ms, it is imperative you get these things checked out.My cancer was picked up by a routine mammogram but I had been having a needle like pain in my breast for a while and guess what? I put it down to my ms. Please don’t do the same as me, go and see your GP.

If this post helps just one person then it’s worth it.



I am so sorry to read about your news. I have just been diagnosed with BC too! I had the lump removed and am now on chemo and will be having the second one on Monday. I then have to have radio and then Herceptin for some time. But stick with it Sue as there is light at the end of the tunnel


Thankyou for your reply, just shows how supportive this forum is. I have sent you a pn Moira


Hi Sue,

I’m so sorry to hear you are now facing this too, but I wanted to say I think you are AMAZING and I hope all goes well.

The other thing is that I think the chemo drug should help the MS as well (a that’s what DMDs are) - small consolation but well anything that helps.

BIG WARM ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) coming your way,

Love, Mary

Thank you Mary, I think what this post brings home, it could be any one of us msers, we have ms and thats what we concentrate on completely oblivious what else might be going on in our bodies… makes you think eh?


Sorry to hear your news :frowning:

I hope the treatment goes brilliantly and doesn’t dent that excellent attitude by even one iota :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks Karen,

Absolutely no chance! Thanks to research etc the treatment has come a long way in the last few years and I am lucky to have the care and expertise from a great team of people.

I might sound as though I am banging on about the same old thing but what’s important to me is I want to make people aware that while we are pre-occupied with dealing with our ms which is extremely hard in itself, this sinister visitor creeps in through the back door, I admit to being caught out, make sure you lock your back door people by getting unusual symptoms checked out with your gp, not every needle pain is ms!

Now I will step down from my soap box! Thankyou for listening!


Hi Sue, youre not banging on at all! If your own experience can help just one woman, then its all to the good.

I was the same, back in 1983 when a smear test revealed pre-cancer cells, which was followed by a hysterctomy, I told everyone (except fellas!) to go for their smears.

Good luck for a full recovery.

much luv Pollx

Oh thanks for your support Poll, it’s so crucial to make people aware isn’t it? Already I feel better because I’ve spread the word and hopefully someone has listened.