More meds im gonna rattle

Just been docs for cramps/spasms and the ms hug now i gotta take Tramadol with the codine and diazepam and pregabalin without my everyday meds i swear im gonna rattle when i walk i just hope it works

respect sheep :slight_smile:

hiya sheep

i am not sure tramadol will be good. its very addictive and does nothing for nerve pain-diazepem and pregabalin will i am sure. however-am sure ur doc said why he was giving you the drugs and i hope they help you.


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Thanks elle yep they didnt work for me beforehand but now i gotta take them with the codine and pregabalin so far today ive had 2 hits in my left thigh but after the jerk no cramp/spasm pain afterwards but the ms hug is raging so im guessing your most probably right but at least when i get to the ms nurse next week it gives me ammo to say hey nothings working so i want copaxone

respect sean