More Film Titles (Not MS)

Quite a lot of people joined in my last post about film titles so I thought I’d put another to get your brains working.

This time each post should have 5 film tiles

  1. Starting with the letter in question
  2. Containing a girls name
  3. Containing a boy’s name
  4. Containing a place
  5. Film about animals. The animal itself need not be mentioned thus Happy Feet could be for H even though penguins begin with p.

The post should be alphabetical, following on from the previous post. However you can jump back to an earlier letter if you post 5 completely different titles to the first poster.

I’ll start it off with A

Around the World in 80 Days

  1. Being There
  2. The other Bolyn girl
  3. Life of Brian
  4. Berlin
  5. Budgie…sorry just had to cheat there
  1. Carry On Abroad

  2. Carrie.

3.Charlie Bartlett

  1. Chinatown

  2. Crocodile Dundee

Jacky x


Driving Miss Daisy

Dante’s Peak

Crocodile Dundee


Four Weddings and a Funeral

Fun with Dick and Jane

Forrest Gump

Finding Neverland

Finding Nemo

Guns of Navarone


Madness of King George


Groundhog Day

we must! I am still coming up with Ds, this is the type of thing that just has odd things popping into your brain, obscure films, such as the one I’m thinking of now about a horse, Mark Lester (oliver) was in it and I seem to remember the horse getting stuck in some mud! no idea what it was called!

yep, that’s the one! just googled it - I do remember crying during it, that and ring of bright water, poor little otter…


Hannah And Her Sisters

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Blue Hawaii

Happy Feet 2


Whatever happened to baby Jane

John Q

Journey to the centre of the earth

Jungle book

Kill Bill

Kiss me Kate

Kevin and Perry go large

Krakatoa East of java

killer bees

Ladies in Lavender

I Love Lucy

Lawrence of Arabia

An American Werewolf in London

Lion King

Ladies in Lavender

I Love Lucy

Lawrence of Arabia

An American Werewolf in London

Lion King

Oliver Twist



The Odessa file




Persydon (spelt wrong)

Peter Pan

Postman only knocks twice

Janet xx

Right, I’m going to be brave and attempt the Qs in case we get stuck here:

The Quillor Memorandum

The Queen (not technically a girl’sname, but hopefully you’ll let me get away with that one)

Quentin Tararantino (obviously not a film, but at least it’s a boy’s name and he’s film related)

Quebec (if you think I’m making that one up, it was made in 1951 and is about an uprising against the Brits. Apparently it’s rubbish)

Er, The Queen again (really struggled with this one, but at least there were animls in it)


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Thelma And Louise

Thomas Crown Affair

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tarka The Otter

  1. Universal Soldier.

  2. Unfoldding Florence

  3. Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

  4. Under a Texas Moon

  5. Undercover Kitty.

Jacky x

View to a kill

Vera Drake

Victor Victoria

death in Venice

Juarassic Park -featuring velociraptors, sorry! best I could do

Watership Down

War of the Worlds

Willy Wonker and the chocalate factory

Wuthering Heights

War Horse