Mock the Week

Hi All,

Did anyone else catch this on thursday night.

Andy Murray was in the audience,and they took the micky right out of him.

Give him his due he took it all in his stride,he just went up another notch in my eyes.

He olso got a standing ovation.

Worth watching on BBC i catch up,if you can.

Take Care.


Yeah I watched that. I thought it was hilarious, and I agree, Andy Murray was really good. I can second the recommendation x

I prefered the ovation for the girl who works at CERN. He hits a ball at 100 ish miles an hour for peoples’ amusement,whereas she’s been involved with smashing sub-atomic particles at almost the speed of light into each other to discover where we all came from.

Guess who will be rembered in hundreds of years time as part of that team?


Chris- yea it was good to see the real Andy - without all the pressure he was under - and good to see him laugh at himself- and what a lovely girl-friend he has.

Yep - went up in my estimation as well -shows we should not be too quick to judge.


according to people around the tennis circuit,andy murray is a nice funny guy,just he takes his job very serious,not a bad thing imo

My wife said to me that she wished I was like Andy Murray…

I said what, sensative and not afraid to show my feelings…

She said NO, always come second !!

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Neil :slight_smile:

Mock the week - I always LMAO. Teresa xx