mobility wheelchair and DLA


I have been assessed by the hospital and am going to get a manual wheelchair in the next couple of weeks. I have been told that because I get higher mobility allowance I should use that towards the cost of a powered wheelchair. I have a wee question about how the scheme works. Does the scheme take the money directly off what I get paid or do I pay it on a weekly basis? Also do I get paid what is left over after the cost?


Hi, I use my money to get a car. The money comes off directly so I never actually get the money. My car costs the full amount but I would have thought that any that was left over would be paid directly to you. Cheryl:-)

I had a quick shuftie at the Motability site and standard type eclectic chairs seemed to be about £25.00 p/w. The mobility portion of DLA is £55.25 so they would take about half and you would get the other half in the normal way.


Hi Just a thought - which might help - if you need an electric wheelchair you should be able to get this through NHS wheelchair services. Also if you are still managing to work you should be able to get help through Access to Work. Using either of these options will then leave you mobility component for other travel needs (car, taxi, etc).

Its worth going back to whoever asessed you to get more information.

Hope this helps, Mary

You may find it helpful to look at the Motability website