Mobility Scooters, the how and the what

Just to be clear I am a carer and writing on behalf of my wife with SPMS. So I know something but not the reality. I can only observe and support.

We have just purchased a mobility scooter as my wife’s mobility is so poor she is almost housebound without me. She currently uses a mix of walking stick, wheelchair as a walker or wheelchair depending on the day. Hence the addition of a scooter to the stable.

Our questions are:- Is there anything else to add to what we have thought of i.e. fluorescent jacket, pack away raincoat, extra keys, etc. We are trying to work out the best way of deterring thieves. We are thinking to make sure the battery is put away somewhere safe on holiday, using a quality chain and lock, hiding an Air tag on the scooter. Anything else?

We are a bit concerned about building up confidence and skills. Adverse cambers and uneven ground spring to mind. Any tips? such as practice or keep it slow etc.

You might find some useful tips on the Motability site.

Scooter and powered wheelchair driving tips (

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A quick reply but do get your wife to practice using the scooter somewhere safe and until she feels relatively confident and comfortable . I have two folding ones and tend to stick to paths, pedestrianised areas and when there is no alternative, quiet roads. After several years I am nervous about busy roads.

P.S. once I had got used to the scooters I quite enjoy using them e.g especially on some quiet and relatively smooth path you can just relax and enjoy the ride

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Hello @SeaSpaniel . I bought my mobility scooter from CareCo and also an alarm which sits in the scooter when you need to leave it for a while.
It is such a feeling of freedom to use the scooter! I for 6 miles from Saltdean to Hove and it’s totally accessible.
Must admit the first time was nerve wracking and I was sure everyone was noticing me but after that it doesn’t matter as the freedom outweighs any problems.
It’s very easy to master the scooter as well.

Best wishes,

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Thank you . Good advice. we decided to start by limiting to our close, then getting further slowly. Yesterday 5 mins buzz around including a 7 point turn but it worked. Tomorrow is the 1/2 mile trip to the local Tesco Express. I’ve surveyed the route and of the 4 possible one is tricky with a 5cm kerb but the others should be fine.
Of course nobody warns you that when you let the family know the support you get is in the form of fluffy dice and learner plates through the post!

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Thank you. Good shout on the alarm. We will investigate

Thank you. Good shout. We already have a Motability vehicle so we should have known!

With so much to do and it is easy to miss something off. Despite the diary, clipboard, whiteboard, spreadsheet and recently moving from Evernote to OneNote! (Laptop and phone)


Good luck to you both this will definitely improve your quality of life so well done as it is a big step. I use a bag that fits on the seat and has two side pockets designed to take walking sticks/poles.
Security is an issue as the keys are mainly identical for each manufacturer so just be sensible. I like the air tag suggestion and will do that now.

Do be careful on adverse camber I’ve gone over a couple of times :woozy_face:

Best wishes


I sometimes think I should get a sticker on the rear of the scooter: MY OTHER ONE IS A LEXUS

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Wow! Sounds like you are really going for it . Well done! :clap:

Thanks for the info.