Mobility scooter advice needed

So, my wife (74 years old) and me use mobility scooters to travel together, since neither of us has the best ability to move without them anymore. However, she has MS and i cannot help to get worried when I see her driving near me. Recently her scooty broke down and I am highly undure if I should discourage the idea of her having new one or go for it. I mean, she would be upset to stay at home, but I on the other hand would feel more secure. Does that make me selfish? If anyone can advise on a mobility scooter maybe that will make me less worried, I would appreaciate it. I was thinking of this one:

it has the type of brake that auto-stops the vehicle when she doesn’t keep the button pressed to accelerate. If anyone else used one of these before, that would be great for me to know what I can expect. I don’t want to waste so much money if it won’t be safe for her, it won’t be worth it.


I could not possibly say whether it is a good or bad idea in your particular circumstances, but I do have an opinion about 3 wheelers based on my experience. They are not as stable as 4 wheelers and I feel a bit nervous on them. The pavements and roads near me are not very level and are pretty lumpy. If you decide to get another scooter, see if you can borrow one for a couple of days, to see how you both feel.
Good luck

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i have an insurance for breakdown. I also always carry my phone with me. If you both go out together why are you worried? even cars break down.

i would never buy a 3 wheeler couldnt get on with the one i tried. I use a 4 wheeler and every year it has maintenance from a contract i pay.

maintenance is so important. as a side note i had an accident on one of mine i hadnt even gotten it out the shed lol.

but still i use my scooter its my life line.

you can read about mine here. When Mobility Aids go Bad – My Journey with MS

I realised that maintenance was too important after my husband passed away so i took on a contract which works well.

that scooter looks way to powerful to me. the one i lost control was an 8mph, so now i stick to the 4mph, as i dont need one for the road.