Mobility scooter

Hello all, I am looking for some advice about mobility scooter

does anyone have experience of the drive I whizz electric folding mobility scooter

i also need to buy a pavement scooter for out and about locally, looking for a smaller one so can take into shops

thank you

take care x

Hi Claire. I have a Solax Mobie…Pavement scooter. 10 miles on a charge. I have a spare battery in the base, so could travel 20 miles. It carries up to 18 stone.

it opens in seconds, and the same to close, then fits in the boot with loads of room to spare for shopping and such.

its my lifeline.

tilly x

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I have a ‘Luggie’ it’s so easy to just fold down and fits in a car boot so easily.

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I was looking for a scooter last year and was baffled by the number of models available. I went to the nearest mobility shop and tried some out and bought one, including a servicing agreement.

It is not the cheapest option but I did get to sit on different scooters before making a decision. And that’s important.



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Thank you


i concur with ad above.

tho i need a powerchair-not scooter. i recently got a portable powerchair and said to the sellers that i would decide after my butt was in them! the one i thought i was going to plump for-no-as soon as i sat on it i knew it wasnt right! so i went for the slightly dearer but local one-its a big decision.

hope you find the right one for you.


Have you contacted NHS Wheelchair Services about getting a powerchair?

If you need to use a powerchair at home due to hand or arm weakness and can’t cope with a manual wheelchair

at home you will qualify for an NHS powerchair. This is issued on prescription - on loan - for 5 years and is serviced

by the NHS service provider. If you need a new one due to changes in your condition one will be given.

There is no cost to you at all! FREE.

This powerchair was made to measure and took 6 weeks to arrive. I test drove it at home first during the assessment. So I had one trip to NHS Wheelchair Services to talk about my mobility needs, then the OT brought a powerchair for me to try at home- this was the Invacare Fox, it was too wide for my doors, next they brought the Quickie Salsa M2 this was perfect for me.

This is my powerchair: Quickie Salsa M2

It is narrow and easy to turn and get through my narrow doors at home. I love it. I also got a new manual wheelchair Invacare Action 3.

I also bought ramps for the car which I paid for myself so and can take it out and about. I also got ramps fitted for the back door and front gate at home which was done by the Adult Social Care.

Worth asking about.

Good luck!