Mobility scooter — types of transporttransport

I would like to be able to take the larger off road mobility scooter/wheelchair to other locations and not just be tied to the area immediately around my house.

I’m thinking in terms of size of the TGA Tramper or similar.

This must be a common challenge for users and I wonder how other people have solved this problem. The obvious way I suppose is a trailer but I would like to use an estate or something similar

What type of vehicles do you use and how do you get the off road mobility scooter on and off their vehicle.

It would be really helpful if you shared the model of scooter and vehicle.

Many thanks

l have a special trailer designed for my Tramper. But when the chap comes to service it - he has a VW Van - and can get 3 or 4 Trampers in it. He uses ramps to drive them up.

We have a set of ramps from a previous scooter - actually 3 of them as it was a 3 wheeler. lf the seats fold forward and the handlebars can be lowered to lower the height then the scooter will go into the back of an estate car. lf that makes any sense.

With a car that has a good roof height - like a Citroen Berlingo for example - l should think you could drive it up a ramp. lt would be worth ringing the scooter companies and asking them for advice.

spacejacket—thank you for your ongoing support.

I’d be curious to know a little more about about the make and model of your old three wheeler and the vehicle you transported it in?

Thanks also for the Berlingo tip. I’ve sent away for a brochure.

l can’t remember the name of the old 3 wheeler - it was about 20yrs ago. And l haven’t seen it advertised for years. But we could get it in the back of my Volvo estate - by dropping the ‘tiller’ the front forks and folding the back of the seat down. Any small trailer with a back that drops down to use as a ramp would do.

l actually like 3 wheelers - the big heavy type - as when you are in a sticky/muddy situation - the back wheels do not follow the front one - so less likely to be in the same ‘rut’. And of course the turning circle is tighter with 3 wheels.

Try as many as you can - do not be put off buying secondhand. So many scooters are bought by someone who does not use it very much. And in all the years l have used a scooter - which is over 25yrs - Apart from wearing out the tyres - l have not had - touch wood much problem. The more you use the scooter batteries - and re charge - the longer they last.

A lighter scooter - of course, is easier for people to push/pull/lift if you did get stuck. And l have bought some ‘Trax’ which l carry with me in the storage bag [with my water-proofs and foot pump] just in case l got stuck on the bridle-way. So far had not needed them.

Thank you spacejacket for sharing your experience.

I follow-up on the suggestion about Trax. Carrying some sounds a sensible precaution.

I’ve arranged to visit TGA next week to look at a TGA Vita x and Vita sport mobility scooters.

Still casting round for ideas of the make and model for a vehicle to carrying such items.