Mobility scooter rust

I seem to have to replace my mobility scooter every year because the rear axle/motor stops working. The mobility shop are always horrified by the state of the underneath of the scooter- mud grass and yuck I live in a rural area with no pavement and drive through the garden to where it is parked. I do cover it but often the cover blows off and in any case it doesn’t stretch down to the ground. The shop sensibly tell me that I must clean the underneath of the scooter but how ? I am a wheelchair user and so cannot stand and tip the scooter over. How do other people cope with dirty scooters?

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Never heard of this. I used to drive around my park opposite my house everyday, even in muddy conditions and never had an issue.

also iused a scooter cover like this.

I paid about 140.00 for it but it lasted 7 years. you just drive in and pull the top down. you can attach something to do that. it never lifted as it was fitted to paving stones. best money i ever spent. I used to find the covering more hard work with those loose ones.

My scooter also had a high clearance OFF THE GROUND and was make for all terrain. If you have one that is not all terrain you may have issues.

My Tramper is filthy, and pretty damn rusty on account of too much paddling in the sea. I have an able bodied mate who helps with maintaining the buggie and is forever telling me that I need to clean it. It is all done in the best possible taste (he calls me a lazy git and I call him a moanie old wotsit) My theory is, if I can’t reach things safely without falling, I don’t bother. Lazy = pragmatic

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Now i would love to see a photo of that lol…the mind boggles. xxx

As soon as I become operational today I will add pictures and or video. I am responsible for weird crop circles on many Irish and Cornish and Sussex beaches. I even have video of me sat on my Tramper whilst it was on a trailer being towed on a beach!

Here goes…

image Paddling on Achill island Eire New Forest Puddle jumping. Genuine photo - just flipped upside down. picture taken by my brother in law.


NEVER too old to paddle. Hmmm

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oh wow thats just fab, thank you for sharing, wish i was by the sea, i think i would do the same. made my day thank you hun. xxxx