Mobility car, Deposit or no deposit?

I currently have my own car (a manual) that my mum brought for me but which I have to pay insurance for which for me is extorcionate and the other usual fee’s like servicing etc.

I do put money away each month to fund these bills more than what I get for the mobility component of the DLA.

I would like an automatic car as it looks so much easier and I was thinking next yeasr to use my allowance to get an automatic car through the mobility scheme where insurance and other bills are covered.

I was looking for a car with no deopsit required but when looking in a dealership I was shown a car which I ju8st fell in love with only problem is it requires a deposit of nearly £500

What do other people who use the DLA to get a car do?

Have you gone for no deposit or paid a deposit to get the car you really want?

Hi Jon,

i have just got an automatic golf diesel ,I would not want to drive a manual car as I had major problems with the clutch ,my left leg is the weaker.I will start saving for future deposits on mobility cars (PIP allowing).



Hi Jon

I paid a hefty deposit on my first car but the one I have now also fullfills all my needs ie wheelchair and hoist, push pull hand controls and steering knob but only required a £250 deposit. It is worth researching the cars with no or lower deposits as you may find one that suits you without hurting your wallet too much! I wouldn’t be without mine , it is so worth it.


Yeah I have looked around quite a lot ant the 1st car I liked the look of in the dealership had no deposit but then he showed me aniother which I liked even more but had the hefty deposit I was thinking about it over the weekend and thought that I was going to have to pay more than that anyway to insure the car I currently have so I might as well go for the car I really want and save £400.

Only thing to consider now is what colour?

I had origionally thought straight away go for my favorite colour of black but I think the car in question looks better in red another colour I like.

I am also slightly worried that my DLA is due for review in 2014 but I cant see my symptoms getting better only worse and I know there are no treatments for PPMS so I am pretty sure that when it does get reviewed I will be awarded it again so I should’t worry.

Use the Motability web site and you can filter the car down to exactly what you need. I do notice less cars now with zero deposit than a few years ago when I got my current car. I may well have to pay a deposit next year for the ideal vehicle to replace my current one. Incidentally as PPMS means a steady and gradual decline in mobility (in my case) then I would expect anyone with genuine PPMS to get as much £ as now under the new PIP scheme…if it ever comes in.

Yeah when I was told that the car I liked had a large deposit he said that by the time I will come to take advantage of it next year the price may have come down Hope it does as I really’s hoping

Oh and I have been using the mobility website to filter the choices and look t what cars may be suitable