Mixed bag

Hi all, I think I’m having a bit of a blah few days at the moment. Following my dx in December, it’s maybe starting to sink in. I’m tired of always putting a smile on my face at work, my back pain just isn’t going and I’m just tired. My fingers are numb so typing at work is getting harder. I just feel like a complete grump. Struggling to even speak to people :frowning: I’m not sleeping well and my appetite isn’t right. I’m seeing the MS Nurse tomoz for the first time to confirm what dmd I want to try. I just wondered how long people have had to wait for the medication to arrive/get started?? I know this will pass. Just a tough few days now and know some of you will understand/relate. L x

Hallo L, December isnt that long since your diagnosis. It can take quite a bit longer for the news to sink in hun.

If work is too much just now, do you think you could take a few days off sick, to rest up? Losing sleep is only worsening the situation for you. Once you see the nurse and get on some dmds, I`m hooing things will improve.

Meanwhile, what about seeing your GP for some decent painkillers…better than those we can buy?

luv Pollx


Hi L

It took me a lot longer than a few months for the dx to sink in and making a decision about a DMD stirred up a lot more emotions for me. Be kind to yourself and like Poll suggested perhaps you need a duvet day.

Is your back pain muscular or nerve pain? Maybe you should mention that to your nurse as well so you can get on the right painkillers for that. She can probably prescribe something that can ease it and maybe something to help you sleep which will help with some of the other symptoms. When I am suffering badly with fatigue then all the other symptoms seem so much worse.

Remember too that although your work colleagues may not understand how you feel, the people on these boards do. You are not alone so feel free to come on her and offload anytime.

Good luck with choosing a DMD. Let us know how you get on. (Btw I seem to remember it took about 6 to 8 weeks to get these organised. You have to have blood tests and then the nurse will order them, once they are delivered you need another appointment to be learn how to self inject and do the first one with the nurse. It may be quicker in your area though, your nurse will give you an estimate.)

Tracey xx

Thanks both. I took the day off sick and have done not a lot :slight_smile: I’m on the strongest prescribed co-codamol. My GP seems to want to lay off the stronger stuff for ‘further down the line’. I guess that makes sense but my tolerance has increased loads since starting it in Dec. I’ve had my blood test for dmd’s and it’s come back fine, so really keeping my fingers crossed that tomoz goes as well as I hope. Thanks again L xx